What To Consider When Hiring Locksmiths

What To Consider When Hiring Locksmiths

Door locks play a big role in keeping everything inside the house safe, especially with the reported high break- in rates in some areas like Edenvale.  A locksmith will help secure your home and prevent you from being a victim. Here are a few tips to help you differentiate between the genuine locksmiths and the ones that are not.

  1. Physical address

Before hiring any locksmith enquire if they have an actual physical address, don’t just go online and hire anyone. Statistics show that 92 % of locksmiths who appear online don’t exist which means they are not genuine.

  1. Are they registered with the Associated locksmiths of South Africa

The locksmith you hire should have a practice license where a rating is usually included and if they don’t they may be unqualified. In addition, the said locksmith should be registered with a certified body, such as, Associated Locksmiths in South Africa.

  1. Can they give you a quote for the service you need

Different locksmiths charge different rates, but there shouldn’t be a big difference. When you call a locksmith, they should be able to give you an accurate price quote.

  1. Do they show up driving a company vehicle?

A good locksmith will carry different tools, since different lock issues require different tools. These tools may not fit in a regular small vehicle and if the locksmith you hire shows up with only a drill in hand, he won’t do a good job.

  1. Don’t trust everyone that says your locks are ‘high security’

Many locks in Edenvale are not high security and some locksmiths will say it, so that they get away with drilling your lock. Drilling should only be done when everything else, such as picking and bumping fails.

  1. Ask for a company identification

Many quacks will claim that they belong to a certain company when they actually don’t. To avoid falling victim, ask for work I.D/ business card, a uniform, and a commercial vehicle.

  1. Get the facts right about bump proofing

People lose cash when looking for bump proof locks since some locksmiths claim they are when they are not. To avoid lies, ask how the lock works and why they say its bump proof and when you understand you will make better judgements.

  1. Master key systems

Business owners may have many doors which require different keys which can easily get lost. To avoid this, request for a locksmith who can have a master key system installed.

  1. How the phone is answered

Whenever you call a locksmith listen to how the phone is answered. A well answered call will have the other person identify which company you are calling.  If this is not the case, you have a reason to worry.

  1. Get as much information as possible

Most people get duped when hiring a locksmith since they didn’t learn about them before hiring them. It may take you some time, but the security of your locks will be assured if you do

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